Artist Statement

Capstone lecture 2reconnecting art with daily life

I have always been overly curious and easily inspired, particularly by things that at first glance don’t mesh. Can a fuzzy orange yarn and a soft navy yarn make a scarf?  How can we make school fun?  Will these clashing colors make a painting?  Can I paint on a scarf?  These constant questions drive my work as I try to find answers not through contemplating, but through creating.

I write and paint not to display, but to discover.

What I’ve discovered are stories.  Stories are how we think, how we remember, how we express.  They are both how we live and how we tell our lives.  When we learn, we are experiencing other people’s stories; when we create, we are making our own.  Too often, we disconnect art and learning from their stories and thus from our lives.

Through my work, I am investigating how we can reconnect art to daily life.


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