About Miranda

About Miranda

I was fortunate to find out very young what I am passionate about.  I was sixteen, a junior in college, and halfway through my BA in studio art when two things happened.

1.) I decided that my life goal was to open an art center.

2.) I went to El Salvador to make a mural with Claudia Bernardi and discovered the world of community art.

Since then I’ve gone on to get my Masters of Education in Community Art from Lesley University, teach at the Museum of Fine Arts, and write a book titled Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something.

I’ve also continued my own artistic practice.  I am always trying new art forms but I am primarily an abstract painter, a singer-songwriter, and a writer.

Since I initially decided to make an art center the idea has undergone many evolutions.  As of 2013, all of my efforts are going into Miranda’s Hearth, the first Community Art Hotel.

If any of what you’ve read here or at other places on this website interests you, send me an email at miranda.aisling@gmail.com.  I’m always happy when I find another person to share ideas with.  Because for me, that’s what life is about.

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