Traditional Oil Paintings:

“My paintings are created to be a visual experience.  There are no hidden meanings, although there are many hidden layers.  The colors, forms, and processes are not only the visual elements, but also the subject of the work.  It is the colors themselves, lying dormant and waiting in their paint tubes, that are my inspiration.  Color has always been an integral part of my life because I believe that the colors we see, whether bright or muted, light or dark, change our perceptions.

My goal is to create pieces that need no explanation; no words, however well-written, can make a persons mind see exactly what exists on these canvasses.  The question I pose with my paintings is not, “What do these mean?”.  I simply ask, “What do you see?” and “How long are you willing to look?”,  because the longer you look, the more you will experience.”

 – artist statement for 2011 show, Composing through Color

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