"I write so that I can find out what I am thinking." - Jerome Bruner

DMAJMS Front CoverOn June 1st, 2013 I launched my book: Don't Make Art, Just Make Something.  This book was written as my master's thesis and explains my mentality as an artist and a teacher.  The book centers around the idea that if we always try to make capital A, put on a pedestal, museum-worthy art, we'll be so intimidated that we'll never make anything.  But if we just try to makesomething than that turns into something else, and something else, and something else, and that's how you make art.

Don't Make Art, Just Make Something is my something.  It is the fifth finished book that I have published but the only one that reached the stage where I actually take it to street fairs and sell it.  The first four are incredibly important though, they are the stepping stones that brought me where I am today and that will lead me, through my writing and other art forms, on into the future.

Previous books:

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