Idea No. 241: NeverWet Rain Drawing

Idea No. 241: NeverWet Rain Drawing

the idea: use water-resistant spray paint to create weather specific works of art

the ideator: Nathan Sharrat

I love rain.  I love the smell of it, the sound of it, the way all the colors calm down for a little while only to explode again afterwards.  But even I can get overcome by the monotonous chilly gray of too many rainy days.  And it’s exactly that kind of day that I would need a piece of artwork like Nathan Sharrat’s.

Using “Never Wet,” a water resistant spray paint, and stencils, Sharrat creates uplifting art pieces that only appear on those drab gray days.  Not only does he make them, he made an awesome video about making them.  Now that’s a good idea.

Nathan Sharrat Never Wet

Nathan Sharrat sun tomorrow

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