Idea No. 243: #paintedguitarsboston

Idea No. 243: #paintedguitarsboston

the idea: paint my old Washburn guitar to match my piano in Street Pianos Boston

the ideator: Miranda Aisling

I mean, are you really surprised?

I have been meaning to do this for years.  At first I didn’t do it because the guitar was new.  Then because I was afraid the paint would affect the soundboard of the only guitar I had.  Then because it has so many memories, like the ding from a quarter my friend threw at me during nerd camp thinking I could use it as a pick.  But, finally, it’s time.  Paint has been put to panel and the first Painted Guitar of Boston is underway.

Hopefully I’ll finish it by next Saturday when I plan to get some of my friends to visit my piano, which is now in Dewey Square!, and have a painted instrument jam.  Who’s with me?

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