Idea No. 250: Miranda’s Hearth

Idea No. 250: Miranda’s Hearth

the idea: start a community art hotel called Miranda’s Hearth

the ideator: Miranda Aisling

Well my friends it’s here, the big one, the one you’ve all been waiting for.  The ultimate Miranda Idea. I’ve been planning it for years.  Four years, in fact, but it’s time that I started the next phase.  The visible phase.

You see, in the next five years or so I am going to start a Community Art Hotel.  Half art center, half hotel, where everything in the hotel is made by artists and craftsmen in the art center.  If you like something in your room you can buy it, buy something like it in the gallery, or take a class and learn how to make it.

Five years, you may say, well that’s a long time!  In fact, it’s just long enough to solidify the ideas, spread the message, and gather the support I need to embark upon this venture.  Over the next few weeks, all of my online activity is going to switch to a new site:  There will be creative blog posts, new projects, and plenty of art.  So keep your eyes open and stay tuned, some day soon you’ll be checking yourself into Miranda’s Hearth, the Community Art Hotel.

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