Gentle Arms of Eden – Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

Gentle Arms of Eden – Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

In the past year or so I’ve spent some real time actually learning covers in an attempt to broaden my musical horizons.  One of the first, and most helpful, people I turned to with this task was my older sister Mairead.  Unlike me, she listens to specific songs instead of whole CDs so she could tell me exactly which song by which artist I should learn.

Gentle Arms of Eden was one of the first songs so told me to learn so I’ve recorded it for her birthday this year.  Happy birthday Mairead!




Intro: (D)(C)(G) . . (D)(C)(G) . . . (C)(G)(C)–(D)

On a (D)sleepy (C)endless (G)ocean
When the (D)world (C)lay in a (G)dream
There was (C)rhythm (G)in the (C)splash and (G)roll
But (Am)not a voice to (C)sing
So the (D)moon fell (C)on the (G)breakers
And the (D)morning (C)warmed the (G)waves
‘Til a (C)single (G)cell did (C)jump and (G)hum
For (Am)joy as though to (D)say

This is my (G)home
This is my (C)only (G)home
This is the (C)only sacred (Em)ground that I have (D)ever known
And should I (G)stray
In the (C)dark (D)night a(Em)lone
(C)Rock me (G)Goddess (Em)in the (C)gentle (D)arms of (G)Eden

Then the (D)day shone (C)bright and (G)rounder
‘Til the (D)one turned (C)into (G)two
And the (C)two in(G)to ten (C)thousand (G)things
And (Am)old things into (C)new
And (D)on some (C)virgin (G)beach head7u
One (D)lonesome (C)critter (G)crawled
And he (C)looked (G)about and (C)shouted (G)out
In his (Am)most astonished (D)drawl


Then (D)all the (C)sky was (G)buzzin
And the (D)ground was (C)carpet (G)green
And the (C)wary (G)children (C)of the (G)woods
Went (Am)dancin in be(C)tween
And the (D)people (C)sang re(G)joicing
When the (D)fields were (C)glad with (G)grain
This (C)song of (G)cele(C)bration (G)
From their (Am)cities on the (D)plain


Now there’s (D)smoke (C)across the (G)harbor
And there’s (D)factories (C)on the (G)shore
And the (C)world is (G)ill with (C)greed and (G)will
And (Am)enterprise of (C)war
But (D)I will (C)lay my (G)burdens
In the (D)cradle (C)of your (G)grace
And the (C)shining (G)beaches (C)of your (G)love
And the (Am)sea of your em(D)brace


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