Go Gray Gracefully – Original Song

Go Gray Gracefully – Original Song

This song was inspired by all of the kickass old hippies who I’ve grown up with, mostly through the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival.  Because who doesn’t want to be a kickass old hippie lady?



People say your youth goes quickly And you shouldn’t wish it by And I think I know what they mean, and that’s why I’ve deeeecided Chorus: I’m gonna go gray gracefully I’m gonna go gray gracefully Completely Botox free A life-time guarantee Cause I’m gonna go gray gracefully, Gonna go gray gracefully I want saggy little breasts and giant purple veins That show I’ve earned my age I want gray hair on my head and neurons in my brain That fire the wrong way Cause I don’t wanna be some lady on TV Who always is ashamed I would rather be the crazy wrinkled grannie who always gets her way! CHORUS I’m sure there’ll be a day I look at my reflection and don’t understand Where the hell the years went and why the bony fingers have replaced my hand But then I’ll take a step back, look at the whole picture And I’ll see that my face Is wrinkled to perfection and my pasty pale complexion is full of human graaaace CHORUS

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