Idea No. 247: Miranda’s Bookshelf

Idea No. 247: Miranda’s Bookshelf

the idea: compile a list of fantastic books

the ideator: Miranda Aisling

I love to read.  Ever since I was young and I was writing stories about food that came to life and ferrets that made tunnels across the world, I have loved to disappear into stories.  Both my own and those written by other people.

While writing Don’t Make Art, Just Make Something, I expanded from my usual list of fiction stories into the world of non-fiction.  I read incredible books by Ken Robinson, Daniel Pink, Tina Seelig, Austin Kleon, and many more.  Recently, I got a library card and realized that I wasn’t sure what to read next.  I have my list of non-fiction books, there are always more of those and what’s so lovely is that they reference each other and do the work for me!

However, I wasn’t sure where to turn next in the world of fiction.  In the end, I read two delightful books by Shannon Hale and two by Ned Vizzini.  But as I was wondering what to read next, I realized that I am not the only person with this question.  And so I decided to create my own bookshelf.  Because who isn’t looking for a good book to read?

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